The Most Beautiful Villages of Greece

The loveliest villages developed by the unbeatable Greek spirit, good to go in a landscape of frustrating greatness. From the terra-cotta as well as ocher of the Ionian Islands to the fantastic blues as well as whites of the Aegean, the villages of Greece and its islands are unparalleled. The range of town life and buildings derive from a wide variety of histories and also influences, yet these towns are all, in their different methods, quintessentially Greek.

From north to south via the landmass and also the Peloponnese, from west to east with the islands, there is a mixture of intimacy as well as magnificence. The Ionian Islands are house to belfried churches, pitched tile roofing systems, as well as walkways, mirroring years of Venetian regulation. The flat-roofed white residences of the Cyclades, surprising against heaven Aegean sea, seem to share the extremely essence of Greece. And there are many other gems as well, with old holy places, sandy bays, and cobbled paths. 285 full-color photos